Asian Archived Maps, Flags and Geography of the World

These three archived daily micro-quizzes focus on Asia, with two flags, one country map and three geography questions that test your Asian knowledge. Easy if you live in Bangkok, more difficult if you don't.

Archived Country Map ID
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North Korea
(North Korea, North Vietnam, or Laos?)

Archived Flag I.D.
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no hint, South Korea, Vietnam

South Korea   Japan

  Geography Quiz

1. Provided below is either the capital city or the country/ state/ province of that capital. What is EITHER the missing capital OR missing country/state/province:

Sri Lanka

2. What is the closest body of water (river, bay, sea, or ocean) to the below city/country/island?


3. The Gobi desert is closest to:
New Delhi, Peking, Vladivostok, Shanghai

Colombo, Arabian Sea, Peking

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